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Hester, Heitel, and Associates has assembled a number of articles here to help insureds better understand insurance coverages and industry trends. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your insurance coverage(s), contact our team of experienced agents to discuss the possibility of recieving a better rate, coverage, or both!

Ordinance or Law Insurance Coverage


Ordinance or Law coverage is readily available in the market. The limits and nuances of coverage available will vary by Insurer and the risk profile of the property requiring the coverage. The coverage wording should be parsed and studied carefully to determine if the coverage offered meets the needs of the Insured. Always remember, these provisions may contain condition precedents that the Insured must oblige in order for coverage to apply. Coverage wording is not standardized between insurers. Therefore, it would be dangerous to assume such a premise.

Employment Practices Liability in the Age of #MeToo


In 2017, the issue of sexual harassment – especially in the workplace – gained greater awareness as accusations of harassment by high-profile individuals were constantly in the news. In many cases, sexual harassment lawsuits seriously impacted businesses and their respective insurers. As societal tolerance of sexual harassment decreases, employers must consider the risks to their business as a result of harassment committed by an employee.

Does Workers Comp Coverage Follow Traveling Employees?

Knowing the states to which employees might travel for work is essential when developing an insured’s workers comp plan. If you miss or ignore the extraterritorial and reciprocal exposures, you risk complete loss of protection. If the sending state’s workers comp does not respond, the insured is responsible for paying out of its own pocket all benefits required by law for a work-related injury.

High and Dry: How Will Legal Marijuana Impact Workers Comp?

If the employer has a drug-free workplace policy in force, do they have the right to fire the employee for using marijuana either recreationally or for medical purposes?

Cyber Breach Trends Q1 2017

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Three Things to do Before Getting Rid of Your Old Device

So, you bought a new smartphone or replaced your outdated computer. What should you do with the old ones? Since your data is stored on the hard drive, you need to dispose of the device safely.